Collection: Alpha Epsilon Pi

Founded: November 13, 1913 New York University in New York City

Motto: Developing leadership for the Jewish community

Founded by the Immortal Eleven, Jewish men who were bound together in allegiance, Alpha Epsilon Pi was created to help foster the development of future leaders in the Jewish Community. The founders wanted to create an experience for young, Jewish men that brought out the best in not only their academics, but their community as well. With over 102,000 members in their nearly 110 year history, and approximately 3,000 new members joining each year, Alpha Epsilon Pi is creating the world’s future leaders today.

Though it may have been founded by Jewish men, this fraternity is open to all who respect and follow the ideals and dreams of the organization. When joining this fraternity, they ask that new members take the pledge of “I am my Brothers Keeper”, and to take accountability for not just themselves and their brothers, but for all neighbors, community, and guests.

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